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Top New Songs Of The Week You Should Listen to Right Now

You might want to search some new song of the week to reduce stress feeling now. And here is the list that you need. If you like any song, you can save it on your phone by using YouTube to MP3 converter. Let’s discover top 5 new songs with us now.

Justin Bieber is known as a young singer, and he is very talented. Whenever he has a new song, it immediately gets a lot of attention from the teenager and his fan. Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book is packed with many varying hues. Nine tracks deep into the mixtape of him, Justin Bieber, and Towkio filled in the lines with a hazy shade of purple on the smoky, down-tempo "Juke Jam." This song will be the best choice to start a dynamic week.
Although Post Malone has been around for a minute, it wasn't until yesterday that we got our first comprehensive taste of what the "White Iverson" rapper offered regarding a long-term project. His debut mixtape, August 26, seems to be packed with heaters, but none is as Fuego as his ode to Monta Ellis. That’s reason why he chooses the name “Monte” for this song.
ScHoolboy Q and Kanye West ring up Top on their latest collaboration "that Part" is a cut off of Q's forthcoming record. This single is the most hype performance Q's given us from his latest material. More than that, the track serves as somewhat of an official surrender of whatever things that Kanye had left to give.
Even the most wicked and unrestrained of forest fires must first begin with an unassuming spark catching flame. James Blake and Justin Vernon still have been slowly and diligently pining away on their new projects, and their new collaboration off of Blake's The Colour In Anything feels like a visceral reawakening after a long hibernation. "I Need A Forest Fire" flickers and sputters before totally engulfing the listeners in Blake and Vernon's emerald inferno; a sonic interpretation of how necessary it is to set the torch to the figurative deadwood in our lives and focus on cultivating what's tenacious enough to remain in the aftermath.

These days, if a big budget animated movie doesn't come prepackaged with a bombastic anthem of optimism from a high-wattage performer, is it a big budget animated movie after all? Look at Pharrell's "Happy" from Despicable Me 2or Rihanna's "Towards The Sun" from Home. Justin Timberlake is the latest addition to the canon with his new single "Can't Stop The Feeling" from the Trolls soundtrack, which plays a bit like a sanitized, family-friendly "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weekend—which should come as no surprise, considering both tracks were helmed by Swedepop demigod Max Martin. It's more bubblegum than we're used to from JT, but regardless of if you like it now, you'll most certainly hear it so much on your parents' adult contemporary radio station of choice over the next few years that you'll learn to like it anyways. —Sal Maicki

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YouTube and MP3 Converter: How to be a Smart Internet User

There is no doubt that Internet dedicated unbelievable human benefits such as gaining useful information of entertainment, education and communicate with the vast world. Nonetheless, using The Internet currently remains controversial. Some people feel insecure when using The Internet because they worry about infecting virus or malware; lose individual information, and more.

 If you give up using The Internet, a huge knowledge of our world, you are a loser in life. Why don't you become smart users by following these tips below?

Protecting Yourself From Malware
Malware might cause you lots of harmful destroy which you feel crazy in such as low speed, wrong direction and pop up errors. By installing a trustworthy anti-malware and update regularly, you can be in safe and escape the malware threats.
Keep your firewall turned on
Turning on a firewall is also a good way to keep password of a computer in safe. If not, your computer is easy to be attacked by hackers who are always trying to steal your individual information and destroy your computer.
Using the web tool instead of installing software
Currently, there are some online web tools which are straightforward and safe for users. For instance, when you are in need of converting YouTube to MP3, you can use a free simple web tool -
There is a useful tip for you is limitation of supporting your information online, which can be stolen anytime and take advantage of them to cause unwanted consequence.
Dealing with Cyberbullies
Cyberbullies are a new online danger, which has attacked users by the damn words continuously, pushes some people in the insecure mental or even suicide. This is especially prevalent in long-term online communities like chatrooms or online forums. Users might be attacked by continuous calling by phone or damn messages.
When you are in this case, you must stop to listen to any words from them through phone or chatting. If you receive abusive messages and emails, you must not delete them because you are so stressed. You should keep them to make the evidence and inform with the webmaster to take this banned these nicks or useful for more serious actions.

You never let anything to limit your Internet discovery and be successful in life. When you are conscious of this harmfulness and know the ways to fix, you ultimately can Surf The Internet safely with the comfortable feeling.

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3 Reasons For Not Installing Online Software to Convert YouTube to MP3

There is a dramatic decrease of online software using because how complicated and dangerous it has caused for users. This article will mention to three inconvenient things which Internet users are too tired of.
Waste time
There is a sure thing that when you install online software, we will take a lot of time. First, we need to download mp3 converter software, and then you follow some steps to install this software. However, you can get something wrong when installing such as internet loading speed, error or more. These steps take you lots of time before the last target - converting. That can cause the tired feeling and give up this process soon.
Be incompatible operating system
The other inconvenience you might encounter when installing software to convert video to mp3 format is unsupported Operating System. Ironically, when you have just downloaded the software you have found for your aim, however, when to click install it shows that your os is not compatible, and you cannot install. One more time you have to download others. There is no doubt that it causes the annoyed feeling for users, and they forced to give up their aim to escape of this inconvenience.
Get risk of malware
Internet danger for Software users

Last but not least, numbers of internet users stop to install online software because they afraid of infecting malware destroyed your device. Typically, internet users could be infected malware and spyware without any alert. If you got malware from online software once, you could imagine how crazy they drive you in. You might have to face to pop-up windows as soon as you turn on my laptop, see strange icons instead of the root, get wrong directions when browsing, be hard to access my target web, and get slow or even freeze speed. There are lots of reasons for this problem, whereas downloading software including mobile applications is the main reason.

Following this trend, web developers work hard to create a number of useful online web tools which dedicates users safety and convenience. There is a way to keep internet users in safety is using the online web tool which allows users directly convert YouTube to MP3 without installing software. As a good example for keeping safe when you are in need of using an online tool, gives you a way to escape from this inconvenience. Thanks to this new application, users can download and convert videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other substantial platforms without installing any software.

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Top Songs to Enhance the Creativity of Children

Many studies have shown that children who study music perform better in other subjects than their peers. One of the most popular reasons for this boost is the creative thinking skills that music teaches them. Even if you don’t take part in any music training, there are still many things for you to build a love for music in your child. It’s never too late or easy to start – even newborns also can enjoy listening to soothing lullabies. Below, let’s check out of the different types of songs to sing that can encourage creativity in your toddler, preschooler, or elementary school-aged child.

Fill-in-the-Blank Songs
One of essential skills that children will be learned when they are young is a sense of independence. Toddlers usually like to be notorious for their “I can do it by myself” attitude when they are studying in school or any group of people. Because of this evidence, most of the kids love the opportunity to provide an idea or make a decision. Basing on this statement, a parent can take advantage of child’s creative mind by singing fill-in-the-blank songs quickly. These songs mostly have a simple framework allowing the child to pick new choices each verse. And you can easily find these songs at any online music website. Especially if a parent wants to save them on your phone or laptop for your child to learn music without difficulty, you should use YouTube to MP3 Converter to make everything easier.
Some Fun Fill-in-the-Blank Songs that parent can consider to Sing with Your Child:
1. “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” – This classic children’s song is known as a useful tool to helps kids learn all of the sounds that farm animals make (even some animals that may not usually be found on the farm, if your child is feeling silly). A parent might realize that children are excited to decide how the song will go and never seem to be tired of coming up with new ability of creativity. You may even learn something in the process if your child might be not sure what sound a giraffe or penguin makes.
2. “Hello, My Name is Joe” – This exciting song tells the story of Joe, a busy factory worker. In each verse, the boss gives Joe another button to push with a part of his body. Your child must love coming up with new tasks for Joe to complete different body parts and motions of them.

Besides that, the best thing that can encourage your child is that you should let your kid see your excitement to join singing or dancing with them. Let’s make your children feel their parent’s love from little thing right now.

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6 Cool Things Users Can Gain from an Awesome YouTube to MP3 Converter

According to a steep rise in the need for converting YouTube to MP3, has been launched compromising a great experience for music lovers. Users conveniently convert videos to MP3 without payment, registration or installing software. Using this tool, you can convert a numerous video and audio files from reliable sources, including Vimeo, Soundcloud, MixCloud, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to MP3 files without any annoying.
Simple but Sophisticated Designs 

1.      A free online MP3 Converter
This MP3 converter requires no fee due to using advertisements which the majority of Online MP3 conversion tool utilized. This way keeps the users free of all services, they tend to use on as converting YouTube to MP3 files and creating the ringtones.
2.      Keeping users safe
By elimination of registration, downloading, and installing, not only saves users much time but keeps users away from hidden harmfulness. Users do not intend with what they are encountering when installing the needed software when they want to convert YouTube to MP3. Sadly, users might be in a risk of infecting the malware or spyware programs which are in the online software. In terms of safe, this tool absolutely protects users from these dangers.
3.      A quick and easy MP3 conversion tool supports a short converting time with three simple steps, which takes about a minute to convert a 4-minute-song to MP3 file:
Step 1: Input the name or the URL/link of the favorite song into our search box
Step 2: Click the "Convert MP3" button and wait for a few seconds to process data
Step 3: Click the "Download Track" button and enjoy your MP3 File
4.      Serving high-quality MP3 files
It's time to directly get experience on this awesome site. creates the MP3 file the same quality as the root file. This tool directly grabs the sound from the original site, which maintains the rich tones and good bitrate for the converted sound.
5.      An incredibly popular YouTube to MP3 Tool
Though this tool has been launched in a short time, it rapidly becomes a must - try the tool for numerous internet users. They are fed up with YouTube to MP3 converter software which causes any inconvenience in downloading and installing. is an online web tool; moreover, it is compatible with a wide range of operating systems on computers (Window, Mac) and mobile devices (Android, iOS).
6.      Getting fun in creating ringtones
Instead of complicated steps as before, supports users a new service - online cutting and creating the ringtones on the unique site. The minority of current MP3 conversion tools offers this application. As soon as converting successfully the favorite video to the MP3 file, users instantly click the "Make Ringtone" to start the creative ringtone process.
Step 1: Upload the file to make the ringtone
Step 2: Move the markers to choose the favorite sound
Step 3: Click the "Cut" button and “Download” button to download the created ringtone

Smart users step by step fall in love with which serves them the attractive experiences on the site. Quickly converting time, free service, quality converted files, being integrated with multi-operating systems and safety make this YouTube to MP3 converter stunning among numerous MP3 conversion tools. What the real MP3 converter can do? is proud of being a good answer.

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How To Create Ringtone Online Fast and Simply

According to a steep rise of making ringtones online, webmasters are on the high effort to create the simple and smart ringtone makers online. It's worth with what we are waiting for. We witness a great increase of online ringtone makers with lots of useful functions such as simple and fast steps, quality of ringtone and perfect fit with mobiles. We recommend you specific steps of which allow users to make ringtone online fast and simply.
Step 1: There are two options for you in the first step:
- Option 1: Click “Upload” button to upload the audio file you'd like to make the ringtone.

- Option 2: Get URL. You can search directly in this web tool with the needed keyword.  In other way, you can visit some music platforms as SoundCloud, YouTube, and Instagram, and then you find the beloved file.

Step 2: Select the range of your favorite sound by using the fine tuning control

Step 3: Choose a format for the ringtone (M4R for iPhone and MP3 for other phones) and the bitrate from 128 kb to 320 kb. Click “Make ringtone” to cut the selected sound and save on your device.

Though has not pay attention too much in terms of beautiful designs, this site offers the sophisticated method to make ringtone online. It integrated multi-methods to perform this target. Furthermore, users can comfortably enjoy the ringtone with the high-quality of the cut file.
When you have the favorite song in the mind, you completely create your own ringtone on this online maker. saves your time to enjoy a unique and quality ringtone. This online ringtone maker is a new revolution in cutting and making the ringtone from available audio files (AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA) with the bitrate from 128kb to 320kb. The developer team tends to mobile users who normally face to the slow speed of the internet to create this web tool with simple designs but process data precisely.

In case, you cannot own your love song in MP3 format which allows you to make the ringtone easier, you can visit to convert your song from videos to MP3. It takes you, I sure, less time than you try to search lots of webs which allow you to download the song, and then make the ringtone.