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Top New Songs Of The Week You Should Listen to Right Now

You might want to search some new song of the week to reduce stress feeling now. And here is the list that you need. If you like any song, you can save it on your phone by using YouTube to MP3 converter. Let’s discover top 5 new songs with us now.

Justin Bieber is known as a young singer, and he is very talented. Whenever he has a new song, it immediately gets a lot of attention from the teenager and his fan. Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book is packed with many varying hues. Nine tracks deep into the mixtape of him, Justin Bieber, and Towkio filled in the lines with a hazy shade of purple on the smoky, down-tempo "Juke Jam." This song will be the best choice to start a dynamic week.
Although Post Malone has been around for a minute, it wasn't until yesterday that we got our first comprehensive taste of what the "White Iverson" rapper offered regarding a long-term project. His debut mixtape, August 26, seems to be packed with heaters, but none is as Fuego as his ode to Monta Ellis. That’s reason why he chooses the name “Monte” for this song.
ScHoolboy Q and Kanye West ring up Top on their latest collaboration "that Part" is a cut off of Q's forthcoming record. This single is the most hype performance Q's given us from his latest material. More than that, the track serves as somewhat of an official surrender of whatever things that Kanye had left to give.
Even the most wicked and unrestrained of forest fires must first begin with an unassuming spark catching flame. James Blake and Justin Vernon still have been slowly and diligently pining away on their new projects, and their new collaboration off of Blake's The Colour In Anything feels like a visceral reawakening after a long hibernation. "I Need A Forest Fire" flickers and sputters before totally engulfing the listeners in Blake and Vernon's emerald inferno; a sonic interpretation of how necessary it is to set the torch to the figurative deadwood in our lives and focus on cultivating what's tenacious enough to remain in the aftermath.

These days, if a big budget animated movie doesn't come prepackaged with a bombastic anthem of optimism from a high-wattage performer, is it a big budget animated movie after all? Look at Pharrell's "Happy" from Despicable Me 2or Rihanna's "Towards The Sun" from Home. Justin Timberlake is the latest addition to the canon with his new single "Can't Stop The Feeling" from the Trolls soundtrack, which plays a bit like a sanitized, family-friendly "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weekend—which should come as no surprise, considering both tracks were helmed by Swedepop demigod Max Martin. It's more bubblegum than we're used to from JT, but regardless of if you like it now, you'll most certainly hear it so much on your parents' adult contemporary radio station of choice over the next few years that you'll learn to like it anyways. —Sal Maicki

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